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Standard Telescope Cover - 3" ST 80-120 Refractors [TGR3]

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About the TeleGizmos Standard Telescope Cover - 3" ST 80-120 Refractors...

The TeleGizmos Standard Telescope Cover is a multi-layer, polyethylene material with a fully aluminized surface. The heat reflective ability of the cover is extremely high with a material strength equal to a multi-layer light weight tarp.


The material used to craft the TeleGizmos Standard Telescope Cover was originally developed for NASA as an insulator in spacecraft. It is very strong, light, tear and puncture resistant and is highly superior to Mylar in durability.


These waterproof scope covers are the perfect protection for your telescope. A TeleGizmos Standard Telescope Cover will insulate your telescope from daytime heat, keep moisture out and keep you ready for your next night''s observing, without even having to store your eyepieces away.



TeleGizmos Standard Telescope Cover - 3" ST 80-120 Refractors Features...


  • Highly water resistant without the need of spray on sealers. Washable.



  • Highly reflective. True & effective radiant barrier protection.



  • Greatly reducing scope temperature on scopes left outside in sunlight.



  • They can be securely fastened to your scope with the built in draw string.



  • Double lap sewn seams for strength.



  • Tear and puncture resistant.



  • Extreme temperature tolerance.



  • Recommended usage: Temporary outside storage.



TeleGizmos Standard Telescope Cover - 3" ST 80-120 Refractors Specifications...

Equipment Type: Protective Telescope Cover

Application: 3" ST 80-120 Refractors ALT/AZ & Small GEM Mounted up to 20" tube length

Construction: Multi-layer, polyethylene

Surface Coating: Aluminized

Waterproof: Water Resistant

Washable: Yes

TeleGizmos Product Number: TGR3