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iOptron SkyGuider Equatorial Astrophotography Mount Only - 3520

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About the iOptron SkyGuider Equatorial Astrophotography Mount Only...

"We are excited to introduce the new iOptron SkyGuider Equatorial Mount for Astrophotography. This portable mount makes it easy to take long exposures of the night sky without streaking or star trailing," announced iOptron president, Dr. Hua Jiang, at the Arizona Science & Astronomy Expo 2013.


The iOptron SkyGuider Equatorial Mount for Astrophotography is simple to set up. Just attach the unit to a standard camera tripod. Mount your digital camera or lightweight scope onto the mount. Align the mount to the Pole Star using the included AccuAligning dark field illuminated polar scope and a smart phone App. Then turn on the motor and it will keep your camera tracking at the same speed the earth rotates! With the same gears and motors as the ZEQ25, the SkyGuider keeps your camera in motion to avoid star trails and allows you to take long exposures for beautiful images of the night sky. A built-in autoguiding port will make the tracking even better!



iOptron SkyGuider Equatorial Astrophotography Mount Only Features...


  • Capable for dual mount application up to 11 lbs (5kg) + 7.7lbs (3.5kg), balanced



  • Auto-tracking for smooth camera motion perfect for long-term exposures



  • Four pre-set tracking speeds with northern/southern hemisphere selection



  • AccuAligning dark-field illuminated polar scope



  • Built-in autoguiding port



  • Attaches to any standard camera tripod with 3/8-16 threads



  • Optional ball heads available separately



iOptron SkyGuider Equatorial Astrophotography Mount Only Specifications...

Type: Single Axis Computerized EQ

Payload (MAX): 5 kg + 3.5 kg balanced

Weight: 2.6 kg w/o CW shaft

Worm Wheel: 88mm, 144 teeth Aluminum Alloy

Drive: DC servo motor with optical encoder

Tracking : R.A. auto

Tracking Speed: Cel, 1/2Cel, Solar, Lunar, N/S

Guiding Port: ST-4 compatible

Latitude Adjust Range: 0 ~ 70 degree

Polar Scope: 6 degree FOV with dark field illuminated

Counterweight Shaft: F 20 x 200 mm,stainless steel with 3/8-16 threads

Counterweight: 3.5 lbs

Power Consumption: DC 12V, 0.05A at Max. load

Power Requirement: DC 10 ~ 14V, 1.25A

Operating temperature: -10~40C

Base Connect: 3/8"-16

iOptron Product Number: 3520


Image shows optional tripod.