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About the Unihedron Sky Quality Meter...

Are you interested in how dark your skies really are? Are you fighting light pollution in your community and need ammunition? Doing astrophotography and want to know what nights are best? Then find out the answers to these questions and more with the Unihedron Sky Quality Meter!


Measures the brightness of the sky in magnitudes per square arcsecond. CCD users can make a correlation between the Unihedron Sky Quality Meter reading and when the background reaches some ADC level. It doesn''t require complicated set-up, it runs on a 9V battery... and a complimentary battery is included.


The Unihedron Sky Quality Meter is a very versatile tool. Check out its functions:


-Find out how good the night or site REALLY is.


-Compare the sky brightness at different sites quantitatively.


-Document the evolution of light pollution in your area.


-Set planetarium dome illumination to mimic the skies people are likely to experience elsewhere in the city.


-Monitor sky brightness through the night, night-to-night, and year-to-year.


-Determine which nights show the greatest promise for finding the ''faintest fuzzies''!


-Calibrate the effect of sky brightness on qualitative measures such as the Bortle Scale.


-Investigate how sky brightness correlates with the solar cycle and month-to-month sunspot activity.


-Help provide local ground truth for future sky brightness prediction with the Clear Sky Clock.


-CCD users can make a correlation between the Unihedron SQM reading and when the background reaches some ADC level.



Unihedron Sky Quality Meter Features...


  • Audible signal while measurement is in progress.



  • Sky brightness displayed in visual magnitudes per square arcsecond.



  • Infrared blocking filter restricts measurement to visual bandpass.



  • Temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit as well as model number and serial number can be displayed with different button press sequence.



  • Precision readings at even the darkest sites.



  • Power-saving features designed in for maximum battery life.



  • Reverse battery protection.



Unihedron Sky Quality Meter Specifications...

Equipment Type: Light Pollution Meter

Power: Operates from 9V battery (included).

Size: 3.8" x 2.4" x 1"

Maximum light sampling time: 80 seconds

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Unihedron Product Number: SQM