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iOptron MiniTower Pro Computerized Dual Altazimuth Mount - 8100

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About the iOptron MiniTower Pro GoTo Dual Telescope Mount...

No doubt you''ve heard about the MiniTower. Well, the iOptron MiniTower Pro Computerized Telescope Mount has all the same, great technologies and features - just beefed up! So, you can still mount two scopes on it, but now with more pay load. You can still track objects, only now the encoder resolution is six times finer. They have also added a two-inch stainless-steel tripod that is much taller for easier viewing with large scopes. So, go ahead and step up to the Pro!


With all the standard components (excluding the tripod) packaged in an alloy metal case, the iOptron MiniTower Pro GoTo Mount can easily be carried around in a car trunk or as an airline luggage. The whole system takes only 10 minutes to assemble. This unlimited portability, combined with the internal GPS, gives amateur astronomers extreme flexibility in selecting an observing location.


Equipped with the most advanced SmartStar GOTO technology, iOptron MiniTower Pro Computer Mount is one of the most powerful and accurate GOTO mounts. The standard 8401 hand controller offers the superb navigation experience with an 8 line LCD back-lit display, a 130,000 object database and a USB port for firmware upgrade and computer control. With a typical GOTO accuracy of 1 arc minute and the SmartStar precision auto-tracking, the MiniTower Pro will consistently bring the celestial object of your choice to the center of the eye-piece and keep tracking for hours.


Powered with other features such as automatic over-current protection, automatic clutch protection for both axes, easy 3-point level adjustment, dual scope setup with two dovetails and much more, the iOptron MiniTower Pro Telescope Mount is one of the most user-friendly GOTO mounts available today.



iOptron MiniTower Pro Computerized Dual Telescope Mount Features...


  • Payload: 33 lbs. and 10 lbs.


  • Dual Scope setup with two dovetails


  • 2 inch heavy-duty stainless steel tripod legs


  • Tripod height with mount: 66 inches


  • Built-in 32-channel GPS


  • 8401 Controller w/ USB port & 130,000 objects in Database


  • High accuracy encoder


  • Typical GOTO accuracy: 1 Arc Minute


  • Resolution: 0.1 Arc Second


  • High precision bearings


  • Metal worm/gears


  • Automatic over-current protection


  • Automatic clutch protection for both axes


  • High accuracy level indicator


  • 3-Point easy level adjustment


  • Manual push-to for both axes


  • Comes standard with: counterweight, AC adaptor, 12V DC car plug adaptor, USB cable, & hard case



iOptron MiniTower Pro GoTo Dual Telescope Mount Specifications...

Mount: Dual AltAz Mount

OTA Connection: Dovetail

Motor: Dual-Axis DC Servomotor, DC 12V

Motor Speed: Dual-Axis DC Servomotor, DC 12V

GO TO Controller: GOTO Nova

GPS: 32-Channel, Standard

Database: 32-Channel, Standard

Payload : 33 lbs. and 10 lbs.

USB Port: Yes

Protocol: ASCOM

Firmware Upgrade: Yes

PC Computer Control: Yes

Tripod: 2 inch Stainless Steel

Battery: AA x 8(not included)

Case Weight: 10.56 lbs

iOptron Product Number: 8100