Laser Collimator [L-COL]

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About the Sky Mentor Laser Collimator...

This newly released laser collimator boasts some of the best and more highly practical functions collimators can offer. Lighter than most other brand name collimators, the Sky Mentor Laser Collimator is made of light-weight aluminum which fits on any 1.25-inch and 2-inch telescopes. A large display window allows the user to clearly see the face of the device. Where most other brand name collimators only have one setting, the Sky Mentor has seven adjustable brightness levels. The new Sky Mentor Laser Collimator is one of our best selling items, and there is a reason for it! Check it out, and get yours today before it sells out!



Sky Mentor Laser Collimator Features...


  • Light weight, compact size, aluminum body



  • Variable brightness can be adusted to seven levels



  • Large display window allows target to be easily viewed



  • 2-inch Adaptor allows snug use with both 1.25-inch and 2-inch focusers



  • High quality at a reasonable and competitive price



Sky Mentor Laser Collimator Specifications...

Equipment Type: Laser Collimator

Application: 1.25" to 2" Focusers

Construction: Aluminum

Brightness: 7-level Adjustable

Sky Mentor Product Number: L-COL