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FEP-25 LER Eyepiece for EDG Spotting Scopes [8300]

Nikon   ——   SKU: 8300
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About the Nikon FEP-25 LER Eyepiece for EDG Spotting Scopes ...

Nikon FEP Fieldscope Eyepieces are exclusively designed for Nikon EDG Spotting Scopes and are ideal for both observation and digiscoping.



Nikon FEP Eyepieces for EDG Spotting Scopes Feature...


  • Seven kinds of eyepieces for optimum optical performance



  • Bayonet mount with lock for easy attachment and release



  • Fully multilayer-coated



  • Waterproof up to 2m for 10 min., and fog-free - thanks to O-rings and nitrogen gas (body-and-eyepiece joint is water-resistant)



  • Turn-and-slide eyecup with three click stops: one for observing with the naked eye, one for observing with eyeglasses, and the other for digiscoping (except FEP-30W, FEP-25 LER and FEP-20-60)



  • FEP-30W offers a choice of eyecup: soft rubber eyecup for observation and digiscoping eyecup for connection with Digital Camera Bracket FSB series



  • FEP-25 LER has ultra-long 32.3mm eye relief



  • FEP-20-60 featuring long eye relief of 18.4-16.5mm employs an aspherical lens to minimise image distortion



  • Compact digital camera COOLPIX series can be attached to eyepiece of FEP series (except FEP-20-60) with Digital Camera Bracket FSB series



Nikon FEP-25 LER Eyepiece for EDG Spotting Scopes Specifications...

Magnification (x): 20-60 - 16-48

Real field of view: 2.2-1.1 - 2.8-1.4

Apparent field of view: 42-60

Field of view at 1,000m (m)(approx.): 38-19 - 49-24

Exit pupil (mm): 4.3-1.4 - 4.1-1.4

Relative brightness: 18.5-2.0 - 16.8-2.0

Eye relief (mm): 18.4-16.5

Outer diameter x length (mm): 63x99

Weight (g): 330

Nikon Product Number: 8300


*Specifications are for EDG Fieldscope 85/85-A and EDG Fieldscope 65/65-A respectively.