iOptron Electronic Antique Microscope - 6850

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About the iOptron Electronic Antique Microscope...

History meets technology is this beautifully designed piece of equipment!

The iOptron Electronic Antique Microscope is made according to designs of 19th century instrument models, but with the latest iOptron Microscope optical technology. You can observe and study plant and insect slices under either transmission light or reflecting light with variable magnification objectives. You can also observe objects on your computer''s and save micro images directly to your computer using the digital eyepiece.

The straightforward design of the iOptron Electronic Antique Microscope is ideal for the beginner student. Yet this microscope''s classic look also makes it a beautiful and decorative piece to have around the home or office.

iOptron Electronic Antique Microscope Features...

  • 19th century design style - 21st century optics & technology

  • All glass lenses, fully coated

  • 100x maximum magnification

  • Durable metal body

  • Electronic eyepiece and software for on-computer view and recording

  • One Year Limited Warranty

iOptron Electronic Antique Microscope Specifications...

Type: Biological Microscope

Construction: Brass

Viewing: Eyepiece

Eyepieces: Standard Lens & Electronic

Coatings: Multi-coated

Maximum Magnification: 100X

Stage: Mechanical

Illumination: Mirror

Focuser: Manual

Software: Included

Warranty: One Year

iOptron Product Number: 6850

Customer Note: Computer and Sir Isaac Newton not included.