Collimatable Straight Bore Mirror Diagonal - 2" [2MDC]

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About the Antares Collimatable Straight Bore Mirror Diagonal - 2"...

Why use a Antares 2" Mirror Diagonal? If you have a Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT) or refractor telescope with 2" capacity and are using regular or enhanced aluminum coatings with your diagonal, your transmission will be between 88% and 92% over the visual spectrum. You''re throwing light away! And if you are using a 1.25" diagonal with a 2" format, you''re missing out on your telescope''s widefield performance.


All Antares 2" Diagonals feature enhanced silver coatings with a visual light efficiency of over 98%. Your image is conveniently delivered with virtually no light loss at all. There are five models available for both straight 2" bores and for standard 50mm thread Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. All feature 6-layer enhanced silver coatings with overcoating protection and include 1.25" adapter.



Antares Collimatable Straight Bore Mirror Diagonal - 2" Features...


  • Collimatable diagonal for 2" straight bores.



  • Many refractor owners are shocked to learn that their extruded aluminum tubes are not straight!



  • With a collimatable diagonal the light beam can be better directed into the eyepiece.



  • Barrel threaded for 2" filters.



Antares Collimatable Straight Bore Mirror Diagonal - 2" Specifications...

Equipment Type: Star Diagonal

Style: Mirror

Coatings: Enhanced Silver

Transmission: 98%

Barrel Size: 2"

Threaded for Filters: Yes

Antares Product Number: 2MDC