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Celestron CGEM - Computerized German Equatorial Mount w/ Tripod - 91526

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About the Celestron CGEM - Computerized German Equatorial Mount...

The Celestron CGEM mount has a fresh, attractive, bold appearance and is capable of carrying Celestron''s higher-end SCT optical tubes (up to 11") securely and vibration free which is ideal for both imaging and visual observing. Capable of holding over 40 lbs of payload and slewing at 5 degrees per second, the Celestron CGEM Mount will be able to instantly point to any of the celestial objects in its database.


Ergonomic Design - The Celestron CGEM Mount was designed to be ergonomically friendly with large Altitude and Azimuth adjustment knobs for quick and easy polar alignment adjustment. The internal RA and DEC motor wiring provides a clean look and an easy and trouble free set up.


Innovation - The Celestron CGEM series has a new innovative Polar alignment procedure called All-Star (patent pending). All-Star allows users to choose any bright star, while the software calculates and assists with polar alignment. Another great feature of the Celestron CGEM Mount, sure to please astroimagers, is the Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PEC) which will allow users to train out the worm gears periodic errors, while the mount retains the PEC recordings.


Performance - For objects near the Meridian (imaginary line passing from North to South), the Celestron CGEM Mount will track well past the Meridian for uninterrupted imaging through the most ideal part of the sky. The CGEM 91526 mount has a robust database with over 40,000 objects, 400 user defined programmable objects and enhanced information on over 200 objects.


The Celestron CGEM Computerized Equatorial Telescope Mount is the perfect fit between the Advanced Series and CGE Series. Offering the portability of the Advanced Series and the precision of the CGE.



Celestron CGEM - GoTo Equatorial Telescope Mount Features...


  • 40,000 object database with 400 user-definable objects and expanded information on over 200 objects



  • Proven NexStar computer control technology



  • New "All-star" Polar alignment uses any bright star for a quick and accurate Polar alignment



  • Software Features include: Mount Calibration, Database Filter Limits, Hibernate, five Alignment Procedures, and user-defined slew limits



  • Flash upgradeable hand control software and motor control units for downloading product updates over the Internet



  • Custom database lists of all the most famous deep-sky objects by name and catalog number; the most beautiful double, triple and quadruple stars; variable star; solar systems; objects and asterisms



  • Permanent programmable periodic error correction (PEC) - corrects for periodic tracking errors inherent to all worm drives



  • Steel worm gear and 90mm pitch diameter brass worm wheel



  • Drive Motors - Low Cog DC Servo motor with integrated optical encoders offer smooth, quiet operation and long life. The motor armatures are skewed to minimize cogging which is required for low speed tracking.



  • Internal Cable wiring for trouble-free setup and transportation



  • Designated six-pin RJ-12 modular jack, ST-4 compatible guide port



  • Autoguide port and auxiliary ports located on the electronic pier for long exposure astrophotography



  • Double line, 16-character Liquid Crystal Display Hand Control with backlit LED buttons for easy operation of goto features RS-232 communication port on hand control to control the telescope via a personal computer



  • Includes NexRemote telescope control software, for advanced control of your telescope via computer



  • GPS Compatible with optional XN16 GPS Accessory



Celestron CGEM - Computerized German Equatorial Mount Specifications...

Mount Style: Computerized Equatorial

Tripod: Adjustable, Stainless Steel

CD ROM: NexRemote control software with RS232 cable

Power: Car battery adapter

Tripod Weight: 17 lb (7.71 kg)

Mount Weight: 41 lb (18.6 kg)

Counterweights: 1 x 17 lb

Motor Drive: Low cog DC Servo motors with encoders, both axes

Computer Hand Control: Double line, 16 character Liquid Crystal Display; 19 fiber optic backlit LED buttons

Slew Speeds: Nine slew speeds: 5o/sec, 2o/sec, 1 o/sec, 64x, 16x, 8x, 4x, 1x, .5x

Tracking Rates: Sidereal, Solar and Lunar

Tracking Modes: EQ North and EQ South

Alignment Procedures: AutoAlign, 2-Star Align, Quick Align, 1-Star Align, Last Alignment, Solar System Align

Software Precision: 24 bit, 0.08 calculation

Datbase: 40,000+ objects, 400 user defined programmable objects. Enhanced information on over 200 objects

Power: 12 VDC 1.5 Amp

GPS: Optional CN-16 GPS Accessory

Celestron Product Number: 91526