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Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount [10010]

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About the Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount...

The Orion Atlas EQ-G Equatorial Mount has been a standard in affordable, astrophotography-capable, GoTo mounts for nearly a decade. Now Orion is proud to announce the enhanced, more versatile Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G GoTo Mount. Certain to become a favorite among intermediate to experienced observers and astrophotographers, this three-in-one smart mount not only operates in equatorial GoTo mode holding one telescope, but also in Altazimuth GoTo & Tracking mode while holding one or even two different telescopes. Control the Atlas Pro via the included illuminated hand controller, or robotically with your PC/laptop, or even wirelessly from your iOS mobile device with optional Orion StarSeek software and Wi-Fi module (sold separately).


In addition to the dual Altaz and EQ modes, the Orion Atlas EQ-G Equatorial Mount boasts some other key enhancements, including a smooth yet very robust latitude adjustment for accurate polar alignment, beefier Right Ascension (RA) and Declination (Dec) clutch adjustments, a thicker retractable counterweight shaft - 1" in diameter - and a thread-on shaft extension. The newly engineered equatorial head is a few pounds lighter than the Atlas EQ-G, but will carry a 44-pound telescope payload with ease. In Altazimuth GoTo & Tracking mode with two different telescopes, each side can hold up to a 20-pound telescope. The mount comes standard with an upgraded belt-driven stepper motor drive system that can locate over 42,000 celestial objects of interest with pointing accuracy of 5 arc-minutes and tracking precision of 0.1436 arc-second steps. The drive has closed-loop electronics, with two sets of encoders per axis, meaning that once it is aligned you can manually move the attached telescope to a new target (or accidentally bump into the telescope) and the mount will still know where it'''s pointing in the sky! What'''s more, after an inadvertent or intentional nudge, this smart mount can return to its last target or pinpoint any new target you select without requiring realignment.


This is a highly transportable, yet seriously heavy-duty mount; the mount and tripod weigh in at 51 lbs. (without counterweights) and the mount can be uncoupled from the tripod with a single hand knob. Loaded with great features, the Orion Atlas EQ-G Equatorial Mount has a secure, threaded power input jack; a built-in autoguider port for accurate astrophotographic use; and offers 9 different slew speeds (up to 4.2 degrees per second). This performance-packed mount also features Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC). The Atlas Pro'''s dual-width dovetail saddle accommodates both narrow (Vixen-style) and wide (Losmandy-style) dovetail attachment plates. Along with its sturdy steel-legged tripod, the mount also includes a second dovetail saddle for dual-telescope Altazimuth operations, illuminated polar axis scope with adjustable brightness, two 11-lb. counterweights, RS-232 communication cable, and 12-volt DC power cable with a secure threaded connector. This computerized GoTo mount requires a 12V DC power supply such as an Orion Dynamo (sold separately), or an AC-to-DC adapter with 4A or higher current output. An optional 5-amp AC-to-DC converter is also available (sold separately).


Whether you'''re seeking a reliable mount for astrophotography or just looking for an amazingly accurate GoTo platform for visual pursuits, let the Orion Atlas EQ-G Equatorial Mount shoulder the weighty responsibility for smooth, stable, and smart performance!



Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount Features...


  • Three-in-one GoTo mount can operate in GoTo Equatorial mode holding one telescope, or in GoTo Altazimuth mode holding one or two different telescopes



  • Capable of holding a 44-pound telescope payload -- ideal for any observational or astrophotographic pursuits



  • Accurate belt-driven stepper motor drive system can locate any of over 42,000 celestial curiosities with a pointing accuracy of 5 arc-minutes and a tracking precision of 0.1436 arc-second steps



  • Features closed-loop electronics to maintain alignment even after an inadvertent bump or nudge



  • Features dual-width dovetail saddle for use with narrow or wide dovetail plates, 1" diameter retractable counterweight shaft, securely threaded power input jack and threaded DC cable, built-in autoguider port, PPEC capability, 9 slew speeds, and North/South hemisphere polar alignment scope



Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount Specifications...

Best for imaging: Deep sky

Astro-imaging capability: Lunar, planetary & long exposure

Weight rating: 44 lbs.

Dovetail bar system: No

Motor drive compatibility: Clock drive included

Computerized compatibility: Go-To included

Alignment procedure: 3-Star Alignment, 2-Star Alignment, 1-Star Alignment

Number of objects in database: 42,000+

Tracking rates: Sidereal, Solar and Lunar

Motor speeds: 3.4 deg/sec(800x), 600x, 500x, 400x, 64x, 32x, 16x, 8x, 2x, 1.75x, 1.5x, 1.25x

Motor type: Microstep driven stepper motors

Bearing material: Sealed ball bearings

Power requirement: 12-volt DC - 5A (tip positive)

PEC: Yes

GPS: Sold separately

Backlash compensation: Yes

Latitude range: 10-90

Setting circles: Yes

Polar-axis scope: Included

Counterweights: Two 11 lb.

Available ports: RS-232, autoguider

Tripod material: Steel

Tripod leg diameter: 2.00 in.

Counterweight bar length: 13 in.

Diameter of counterweight shaft: 25mm

Height range of mount: 42.00 in. - 64.00 in.

Weight, mount/tripod: 51.1 lbs.

Weight, fully assembled: 73.1 lbs.

Additional included accessories: Second dovetail saddle plate for mounting 2 scopes, Accessory tray, Serial cable for updating firmware

Other features: Improved altitude adjustment mechanism, Improved Ra & Dec clutch mechanism, Threaded 12v power input port, includes DC cable

Warranty: One year

Orion Telescopes Product Number: 10010