Celestron Advanced Stereo Microscope - 44202

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About the Celestron Advanced Stereo Microscope...

The Celestron Advanced Stereo Microscope... It'''s a 3D world! Why view its smaller mysteries on a 2D microscope? Celestron'''s 40X Stereo Microscope utilizes two lightpaths and two eyepieces to create an amazingly true-to-life 3D image that no standard microscope can match. From Celestron, makers of high-performance, low-cost optics for over 50 years. For curious youngsters, hobbyists and college students, you can'''t beat a Celestron microscope''s blend of quality optical components, ease of use and affordability. Pair it with a Celestron microscope imager for even more fun!


Check the Celestron Advanced Stereo Microscope out: 20X-40X power magnification; Binocular head rotates 360 degrees; Fully-coated optics for excellent contrast, clarity and image brightness; Eyepieces are 10X wide-view, 20 degrees field-of-view; Top and bottom halogen illumination; Stage: 95 mm diameter, working distance range - 110 mm; Coarse focus system; Viewing plates: black / white, opaque / frosted; Includes 5 Celestron prepared slides; Weighs 6 1/2 lbs. Order yours today!



Celestron Advanced Stereo Microscope Features...


  • 20x Power and 40x Power Stereo



  • Binocular Head 360 Degree Rotatable



  • Set of 10x Wide Field Eyepieces



  • 2x and 4x Objective Lenses



  • Fully Coated Glass Optics



  • Five Prepared Slides



  • Top and Bottom Halogen Illumination



  • Stage Plate - Black/White and Frosted/Opaque



  • Working Distance - 110 mm (4.33")



Celestron Advanced Stereo Microscope Specifications...

Microscope Head: Stereo Binocular, 45 Degree Inclined

Head Rotatable: 360 Degree

Objective Nosepiece: Rotatable

Objective Lens Size: 2x and 4x

Eyepiece 1: 10x Wide Field (set)

Eyepiece 1 Field of View: 20 mm (0.79 in)

Eyepiece 1 Magnification: 20x, 40x

Illumination: Top and Bottom Halogen

Stage: 95 mm Diameter (3.7"), Working Distance Range- 110 mm

Focus System: Coarse

Viewing Plates: Black / White and Opaque / Frosted

Weight: 6.31 lb (2.86 kg

Celestron Product Number: 44202