While doing our best to stay cool in the hot sun at Starfest,  in between flurries of customers and while

demonstrating a pair of Celestron Granite 10 x 50   pair of binoculars, I was almost certain I observed
another vendor pulling out a quality bottle of scotch, and taking a nip through said binoculars.

  Now of course, I might be completely wrong, and perhaps it was a bottle of ginger ale, but I don't know
of any brand of ginger ale called "Glenfidditch".

So I won't be naming any names here of course.  

But at least let's give them credit for having good taste.

 One must do what one must do.

  Perhaps the Sun was a bit hot, and scotch and ice was a welcome relief?

Who knows.

But listen, one of the scopes that was set up and brand new out of the box, and displayed at Starfest
was the Celestron NexStar Evolution 9.25"  


And I am offering that particular scope for sale at a hefty $200 discount!

   So if you are at all interested, give us a call at 1 800 580 7160.(local 416 783 4140)

Remember, it is brand new, and only shown on display for the weekend with all the
packaging intact and a full 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

While it lasts.

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS Admittedly. I had a12  pack  of Corona on ice, in the back of our truck, but of course
     that was for the hard working staff, and night time use  only (you know, in case of clouds!)

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