Happy Monday!

It takes a lot to drag me away from a cold bottle of Split Rail Hawberry Ale, on a hot sunny day.


Here is a really unique product rarely available from Lunt Solar Systems.

      If you want one, you have to order right away, because only 10 are being made,
and 3 are already spoken for.

Lunt are pleased to announce the next run of LS230T/B3400/PT Solar Systems.
This run will be limited to 10 instruments.

However, we are excited to be offering these systems as the Double Stack version with dual USB/PC Pressure Tune control.
Objective: IR coated (Energy Rejection) 230mm doublet optimized at 656nm
f/ratio: 7
Etalon 1: Internal un-obstructed 80mm pressure tuned.
Etalon 2: Internal un-obstructed 80mm pressure tuned.
Blocking Filter: B3400 internal mount
Bandwidth: <0.5 Angstroms at 656.28nm
Pressure tune control: Computer control, dual support.
Focuser: Feather Touch
Mounting: Tube rings and mounting plate included


MAP: US funds: $29,995.00
Deposit: 20% non-refundable
Limited to quantity in production (10ea.) 3 are already spoken for.

 Delivery: 16 weeks ARO.

Objective and OTA assemblies are in stock at Lunt Solar.

80mm Etalon glass is currently in production.

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS To order, just drop a line to ray@khanscope.com, and I will take care of the rest.