Well it's mine own damn fault.

     I foolishly upgraded to Windows 10 last night, hoping against all hope that Microsoft would get it
right this time, but no they didn't.

Usually one should wait a few months to get the bugs out, but I dislike Windows 8.1 so much that I
went for the  upgrade.

     So I called Microsoft support (you have know idea how busy they are) and got a call back after 2 hours
from a guy called Rakesh (probably in India), who asked me what the problem was.

    Of course, he did not have a clue, and was rattling off responses from a script.

 and then he apologized but not to worry,  he would connect me with next level tech support to " solve the

45 minutes later and still waiting on hold, listening to god awful elevator music,

I decided it was time to do the next best thing.

Uninstall Windows 10!

Which I did.

Hopefully you can learn from my experience.

     Now, Want something tried and true?

Well our friends at Skywatcher have recently released the AZ-EQ5 Synscan GPS w/Pier Tripod,


and you can bet, it is tried and true technology.   Or they simply would not have released it.

    A nice mid range mount, that can hold up to 15kg, and size wise inbetween the EQ6 and the heavy
duty EQ8.

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS And remember if a guy called Rakesh from Microsoft calls you, just tell him:  "Sorry ,wrong number!"