Hello {!firstname},

     The Astro-Canadian Astronomy Telescope Show (AstroCats) this past weekend, here in Toronto
at the Ontario Science Centre was a lot of fun.

    It was great to see many faces from the past, and to meet some new people too.

It rained most of the weekend, so of course that convinced many to attend the show to check
the latest and greatest in astronomy gear.

    Being a vendor at the show, does not really give me a lot of time, to check out the show as an
amateur astronomer, but I did manage to catch up with and chat with a few other vendors.

Gary Stephey of Celestron was there, as was Greg Bragg of Explore Scientific.
Al Nagler of TeleVue Optics always has so many wonderful stories to tell from his colourful
past in the industry.
Rock Mallin of Mallincam was also on hand to launch a couple of new products
at the show.

    The show organizers,  RASC Hamilton had put a concerted effort in making the show run
quite smoothly,and they were assisted by several members of the RASC London group, as
well as the Toronto Centre.

Organizing and running a show like this, is no easy task, so kudos to them all.

And, there were a slew of door prizes and silent auction stuff that was up for grabs as
towards the end of the show.

   Several people walked away with some nice stuff.

That's a wrap for this year.

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS Explore eyepieces and some telescopes will be on sale post astrocats.  
I'll send details later this week.

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