A number of folks have asked me exactly what the  Astrocats show is about.

 So here is the short answer to that question:

Basically it is a show designed primarily for Amateur astronomers to be able to check out
some of the latest equipment on a first hand basis and to visit several manufacturer's and
telescope dealers under one roof.

Representatives from some key manufacturers in the industry , such as TeleVue Optics, Celestron, Explore Scientific, Mallincam
will be on hand to showcase their products, and to answer directly any questions you may have in
regards to their products.

   And of course some of the leading retailers, including Khan Scope will be there with merchandise on display
and for sale.

    Add to that a series of interesting lectures and presentations on all kinds of astronomy related subjects over the
course of the weekend.

Best of all? There is a whole wack of door prizes being given away, and raffles, and silent auctions.

    This is a Canadian show, organized by the Hamilton Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

It takes a lot of hard work and effort to put these things together, so I do hope that if you are able too, you will
make the effort to drop by the Ontario Science Centre this upcoming weekend.

   I look forward to seeing you there. Please drop by our booth and say Hello.

More details can be found here at: http://astrocats.ca/

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS Astrocat's is the cat's meow, it's purr-fect for any kind of "cat" to visit, except the four legged kind of course!



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