Have you ever had a problem with your telescope?

Has it acted up ? Computerized telescopes as they get older are more prone
to having some issues that can occur.

The good news is that a lot of those problems can be resolved.

You don't have to discard your instrument and buy a new one, though
in some instances that may be the better approach.

A fellow called up the store the other day, was having an issue with this computerized telescope that was
about 15 years old.

It's a  a Meade LX200 10" computerized scope, about 15 years old.

Seems the telescope was acting awry. like it had a mind
of it's own. 

Possessed even?

No, that only happens in movies like  Pumpkinhead!

 It was spinning all over the place and did not want to stop, somewhat like a whirling dervish.
He asked a reasonable question: What might it cost to fix? And the answer is: We don't know until it's been examined
and checked by the technician.

It could be a minor electrical issue.  (Here is one you can check yourself: Make sure that none of your power  cords are frayed.
I've notice this can happen especially in Winter when it's cold, and they can crack or split.)

Or it could be a dozen other things.

Our technician is knowledgeable, however he is not psychic and can't figure these things out via phone or email.

We suggested for the customer to bring the instrument in, and then we would be able to do an assessment and 
provide a repair estimate.

We are able repair most brands of telescopes, regardless of whether they were purchased from us or not, that may be out of
warranty, and we also carry parts on hand.  I was surprised at some of the obscure stock we had when we recently did 
inventory for parts.  

For example,I found a declination motor assembly #38m, which was made for a Meade LX10 telescope  (Manufactured about 25  years ago).

We also offer cleaning and collimation services if required. Though I suggest you learn how to collimate your own instrument
and I'll write about that another time.

If you are having issues with your instrument, check the FAQ at the manufacturer's website or check the operations
manual that came with your instrument.

If you can't resolve the problem yourself, then email us at: info@khanscope.com.

Clear Skies, Enjoy your Sunday!

Ray Khan

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Just call me Santa Claus!

I don't believe in waiting until the last minute to do my Christmas shopping, so I'm am heading out this morning to get
it done. 

Got my list, checked it twice

What's on my wish list?

It's not very big at all.

Last year I was disappointed in not getting the one Christmas present that I look forward to every year,  and that was a
copy of Greg Hildebrandt's American Beauties  Calendar.    I sure hope that does happen again this year.

I guess Santa must have thought I was a bad boy or something.

What's on your wishlist, Jesse?

One of the things I am always harping about to you is the importance of having a robust and good quality equatorial mount.
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The mother of them all: The Celestron CGE Pro Equatorial mount with tripod

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This is a STEAL at this price.

You can put just about any optical tube on this mount.  

Clear Skies,

Ray Khan

PS This mount could also serve double time as a Christmas Holiday Tree. You could just decorate it with lights,

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The DeLite series is a lightweight!
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    There are essentially two different types of Solar observations available for the amateur astronomer

They are:

1) White light solar Viewing

2) Hydrogen Alpha (H-Alpha) Solar viewing.

I will discuss white light today:

   White light solar viewing permits you to observe direct sunspot activity on the solar
disk, and you can note the patterns of sunspots, size and groupings.

Observing on a regular basis permits you to chart the motion of sunspots over a period of
   Now of course, with any observation of the sun through a telescope you want to be very careful.

First and foremost, you must have some kind of filtration system and this depends on the type of
telescope you have.

    If you own a schmidt-cassegrain (SCT) telescope, then the filter must go on the front of the telescope.

Same thing for any kind of reflecting telescope or dobsonian.

    Now, if you happen to own a refracting telescope, then you actually have a couple of options.

You can mount a filter on the front of your telescope or if you have a quality refractor, that might
be an apochromatic instrument for example, then you might want to consider utilizing this herschel wedge
type of device from Baader Planetarium.


Having said that, it also works very well on achromatic refractor telescopes.

Either way, you must have a 2 inch focuser on your instrument.
Not only will you get high quality images, you will likely see detail you have not seen before.

     Making sketches of your observations is a great way to keep records of your observations.
Date and put the sketches in a binder.  You will be surprised at just how much activity
takes place on the solar disk over time.

Clear and Sunny skies,

Ray Khan

   PS We also have a photographic model for those interested in taking images of the Sun
as well as visually observing.  It includes the neccessary filters for imaging with your
DSLR camera.